About Us

TEDxNITTrichy Speaks! is the medium through which we articulate our fundamental values and vision by providing unique perspective on issues that matter; issues that directly impact our local as well as global community. We recognise our role as enablers and doers, and a large part of that involves bringing novel ideas to light in a refreshing manner. Our blog aims to present quality articles with valuable takeaways, as well reflect our passion to explore the patterns and nuances of the world around us. 

TEDxNITTrichy was conceptualized out of the need for a shift in the ethos of our local community. At our institutions, we are virtually trivial parts of an administration that precedes our identity. In time, this idea imperceptibly feeds off our temperament.  We at TEDxNITTrichy intend to provide the spotlight that seemingly insignificant ideas require: those bursts of imagination and creativity that create marvels of everyday life.

At our institute – the National Institute of Technology – we have a perfect society to get the momentum going with a campus full of young, starry-eyed students still discovering the world. It is this assembly that with careful guidance will shape what we see tomorrow. Moreover, TED is a brand. It has the power to ripple to a very broad spectrum of people and places. Apart from serving a group of individuals, through TEDxNITTrichy we put our university on international charts; we are so enabled to perceive global augmentation.

As we rush towards the sixth edition of TEDxNITTrichy, look out for awesome content here!